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Potable Water Wells

Do You Need a Submersible Pump?

It’s our mission to provide access to the full benefits of a properly sized submersible pump, ensuring every connection made to the renewable ground water supply beneath our feet is continually increasing our customer’s quality of life.

Are you getting the water supply and water pressure your home needs? 

If you’re wondering that you might not be, or if your faucets sometimes look like the pictures below, chances are that you are probably not and we can help! 

We can provide you with a correctly sized submersible pump system that will supply all of your family’s water needs ensuring excellent quality of life for years and years to come! 

From This:

To This:


How do you know how to size your water well and water pump so it is capable to provide what you need? 

To size your pump and well, you’ll need to estimate your family’s water needs, and have a well and pump installed that can meet your Peak Daily Water Demand for your size house.  We can help you conduct an analysis and help you upgrade your existing system, or help you when building your new home to ensure you are installing the optimal water system. 

To begin to estimate your family’s needs, you can take a look at the Gallons Per Minute (GPM) needed for each water fixture.  A rough guide is provided below, and the exact GPM of each fixture can typically be found on the fixture itself or by calling the manufacturer. 

To estimate your peak GPM needed you can simply count all of the water fixtures in your home and add the GPM required.  Start with a baseline of 5 GPM and add the GPM for each fixture to that. 

Typical 2.5 bath house with outdoor water outlet (3GPM) and baseline of 5 GPM = peak demand GPM 39.5


Faucets - 4 x 2.5 GPM                                  10 GPM

Toilets - 3 x 2.5 GPM                                   7.5 GPM

Bathtub / Shower - 2 x 4 GPM                    8 GPM

Dishwasher - 1 x 2 GPM                               2 GPM

Washing Machine - 1x 4 GPM                     4 GPM

Outdoor Water Outlet - 1 x 3 GPM.          3 GPM

Baseline                                                           5 GPM

                                                      Total GPM  =  39.5

We see a lot of builders using 2” wells (jet pumps) to save money.  Typically, a 2” well is for a small house with 1-1.5 bathrooms and minimum occupants.  We recommend installing a 4” well that allows you proper pressure and volume throughout the day including peak daily demand.  A 4” well coupled with a variable speed submersible pump, one of the most efficient and reliable pumps to date, easily meets any peak demand.

Typical daily peak demand is twice a day.  Here is a real life example of peak water demand. 

It’s an easy pasta night.  Mom just started a load of laundry, the dishwasher, and is cooking dinner.

Your son is home from football practice and has to take a shower before dinner.  Your daughter just got home and wants to take a shower as well before she goes out tonight. 

Dad just got home and noticed the seed he put down earlier in the spring needs a little more water.  And he’s gonna water the yard and you know it. 

This is a typical peak water demand similar to our scenario for a 2 and a half bathroom house with a family of four.   That’s why you need a submersible water pump.

Can you imagine what happens next?  

With all of these typical things going on at once their current water system is not keeping up with their peak water demand.  Nobody has enough water pressure.  Son and daughter are both yelling at mom to stop using all the water. 

Dad’s outside frustrated the sprinklers are only watering 10 ft versus their normal 20 and checks the spigot to make sure it is all the way open twice. 

Joe the neighbor who is outside watering his garden looks over and smiles as his spray nozzle goes 25 ft, He’s got a variable speed submersible pump and knows it, he has a family of five. 

With the properly sized and installed water system, this daily peak water demand will be handled with ease.  Everyone in the family will be able to take of their daily needs and the appliances will be able to function as designed. 

The best system is for a variable speed submersible pump which is one of the most efficient and reliable pumps to date, usually installed in a 4” well that easily meets any peak demand. 

In conclusion the question still remains, Do you need a submersible pump?  The answer is yes.

Our mission is providing access to the full benefits a properly sized well and submersible pump offers increasing our customer’s quality of life.  We offer well drilling services from experienced professionals and will ensure you are provided with the ultimate solution and your expectations are exceeded every step of the way.  Contact us today for your submersible water pump, you deserve it! 


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