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As a retired Navy SEAL of 23 years, owner Tim Loen has always enjoyed ‘playing in the water’. 

about amvet geothermal systems - Tim Loen

An NGWA Master Well Driller and IGSHPA accredited installer, he is passionate about energy efficiency and believes every home, business, school, and government facility should have access to the secure and reliable renewable energy sources in the ground beneath our feet.  With access to good clean water and geothermal loops for extremely energy efficient heating and cooling, we can become more self-reliant and have a more secure and sustainable future. 


AMVET Geothermal and Drilling Inc is a family owned and operated business, along with daughter Charlotte Loen, Director, Geothermal Energy Solutions, they are on a mission to bring water and Geothermal renewable energy technology to everyone for a more sustainable future. 

tim loen owner of AMVET

Owner Tim and daughter Charlotte at the end of the Baja Norra 1000, a one thousand mile long endurance desert dirt bike race.  Like Tim on his dirt bike, and Charlotte with chase support, we won’t stop until the job is done! 

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