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geothermal for schools

Geothermal For Schools

Geothermal for K-12 & Higher Education

Many educators are turning to Geothermal to lower their energy costs and create a better learning environment.  Geothermal heating and cooling systems in schools are the most energy efficient and longest lasting system available; designed for dependability and sustainability, drastically lowering operating and maintenance costs by 70%, while creating a quieter, more comfortable learning environment.

Geothermal Systems in schools set the standard for an economic and sustainable future by helping to achieve the highest degree of energy efficiency and serve as a role model to students for green environmental conservation efforts.

US Green Building Council Member

Quickly Achieve LEED Certification

Movements are underway to develop energy-efficient schools or refurbish existing facilities to set the example of how green buildings are the way of the future.

There is a new emphasis on revitalizing thousands of school buildings across the country in need of repair and upgrade. Such efforts on renovation are projected to not only save billions of dollars in energy, but to improve the working and learning environments. 


There are a myriad of other great reasons to build or retrofit schools to be green and sustainable.  Geothermal systems help quickly satisfy requirements for LEED Certification and make your schools and residence halls more livable, healthier and energy-efficient.

geothermal is reliable

Reliable, Long Service Life

New innovations offer longer life expectancies for today’s schools. You should expect the same from the HVAC systems being placed inside your buildings. However, when it comes to longevity, not all systems are created equal.  Geothermal heat pumps last well over 20 years, while the underground geothermal loops can last up to 100 years carrying a standard 50 year warranty. 

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Servicing Made Easy and Simple


Geothermal systems are the most reliable and long lasting systems available, lasting much longer than a conventional system with far less components and maintenance required.  They are designed to be easy and affordable to maintain, Should a unit need to be shut down for service, only that classroom is affected — not the entire school, as with other systems. For routine maintenance, individual heat pump units are easy to access without disrupting classes at all.

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  • No single point of failure of central equipment that can shut down the entire system if it stops operating

  • No chemical or other costs associated with the prevention of scaling & bacterial growth

  • No year-round tower operation

  • No boiler to maintain - drastically lowering maintenance costs

  • Convenient standard parts availability

The Most Energy-Efficient
HVAC Systems According to the EPA

The Most Energy-Efficient HVAC Systems According to the EPA

According to the EPA “Geothermal systems are the most energy efficient, environmentally clean, and cost-effective space conditioning systems available.”  They provide up to 70% in energy and cost savings allowing districts to use their budgets on more resources needed for their students

geothermal air quality

Outside Air and Superior Air Quality


Geothermal heat pump systems operate without flames or combustible gas, which can release carbon dioxide or other gasses into an educational facility’s central duct system.

Schools are also faced with the issue of indoor air quality standards that require fresh air to be introduced into classrooms at a substantial rate. Geothermal systems offer solutions that economically condition 100% of the fresh air as a part of the heating and cooling system.

Are Geothermal Systems Noisy?


Apart from providing clean heating and air conditioning while saving 70% on utility costs year round, a geothermal heat pump system eliminates the oversized boiler rooms and incessant buzzing from their hallways, along with the extremely high maintenance time and costs.  Unlike traditional inefficient conventional systems, the geothermal heat pump can be easily concealed, while the supporting loop field is completely subterranean.  Geothermal loops can be installed under most school area including athletic fields and parking lots.  As you can imagine, this concealment prevents the damage that can often occur to traditional heating and cooling equipment. Not to mention, it looks a lot better providing aesthetic value.

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geothermal systems are quiet
geothermal systems for school

How Does Zoning for Geothermal Work?

Geothermal systems offer the ultimate in individual control with the ability to heat and cool separate classrooms or residence hall suites simultaneously upon demand.

This unique feature gives teachers the freedom to meet the comfort needs of their own classrooms, or students living in residence halls. The units also provide superior dehumidification as they cool for added comfort – especially beneficial in southern states.


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