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Permanent or Temporary Modular Buildings

Needing to expand but not sure how soon?  Need to make sure you won’t outgrow your facilities? 

We offer our standard modular fleet, buildings, and custom modular buildings. If you’re looking for a temporary prefabricated building to lease or a permanent prefab building to buy, we have what you are looking for.  Modern permanent or temporary modular buildings are relocatable, extendable and customizable. 

Standard Modular Fleet

Our modular buildings are made to grow with you and expand as you need. We can add hundreds of square feet to your space in less than 48 hours, which is certainly not something that is possible with a stick-built structure!

Custom Modular Buildings

If you need something a little more custom, we can create a custom modular building for you. We bring experience to the design, manufacture, erection and turnkey commissioning of custom modular buildings, including:

  • Banks

  • Retail Stores

  • Fitness Centers

  • General Office Space

  • Residential Sales Centers

  • Fine Restaurants

  • Quick Service Restaurants (Fast Food)

  • Branch Office Locations

  • Auto Dealerships

Modern materials and techniques create high-quality modular facilities that are customizable.  Our modular offices are state-of-the-art in terms of planning and design, in the choice and quality of materials, in our demanding construction standards, and in our modern installation techniques.  We are able to custom your building with features like:

  • Sprinkler Systems

  • Extended Ceiling Heights

  • Concrete Floors

  • Non-Combustible Materials

  • Noise-Reduction Insulation

We provide virtually any interior or exterior finish, including a match to existing buildings, we can also equip your modular building with furniture and furnishings as well.


Whether you need a commercial modular building to be used as a sales office or a health care modular building for an imaging center, or even a retail modular building to be used as an auto dealership, our team is here for you.   

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